DJ reception for freshmen at Ain Shams law school
Ain Shams university
By Rahma Ramadan

CAIRO: Students’ groups received freshmen on the first day of class at Ain Shams law school with a DJ, puppets, balloons and LCD screens showing the history of each group and what its activities were since they first began working together.

The group, called “Hayah,” meaning ‘life,’ used cartoon character puppets to attract students. They were dressed as Cheetos and Mickey Mouse and chanting, “Hayah, Hayah” to attracted freshmen to go take photos with them.

A group called “Facebook” used an LCD screen to show the history of their activities, information about the group officials and information about their activities within the university. The group ”Smile” used a drum, banging on it and chanting folk songs to help attract students to join them.


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