Dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood within days, says Solidarity Minister
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Ayman Ramadan

CAIRO: A new law on the organization of civil associations and unions would dissolve the Muslim Brotherhood if passed in the coming days, said Minister of Solidarity Ahmed Boraie.

Boraie will publish the details of this legal memorandum Sunday night at 6pm on Arabia TV.

The minister said the MB does not have any legal basis, since “its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party was founded on religious principles, which contradicts party law,” in an interview with Wael al-Ibrashi on Ashera Masa’an (10 PM).

The law is not politically motivated, Boraie added, because it takes into consideration the international community’s legal views of recent political changes in Egypt more so than political biases.

International opinion of the Brotherhood has shifted after continued civil unrest, particularly MB attacks on security centers and checkpoints as well as the conflict in the Sinai, the minister said while presenting the government’s roadmap at the World Conference on Human Rights.

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