Minister of higher education overturns judicial police law in campuses
Hossam Eissa, higher Education Minister - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Minister of Higher Education Hossam Eissa met today with a group of students from Ain Shams University and assured them that the judicial police law, which grants university security officials the power of detention, has been overturned.

Student unions were shocked to learn that the law was to be implemented despite the fact that Mr. Eissa was one of the main detractors of the judicial police under the presidency of Mohamed Morsi. However, an official document of which Al-Bawabah News obtained a copy reveals that Mostafa Mosaad, former Minister of Higher Education in Moris’s cabinet, requested from the then Minister of Justice on June 2 granting the power of detention to 300 security officials in all university’s as a primary action before the specialized committee that he had formed decides on the “needs” of each university.

In an interview with El-Watan News on April 21, Mosaad said “I have requested the Minister of Justice to grant the power of detention to one or two administrative security personnel in every university to lawfully disengage clashes between rioters and thugs within the campus.”

Earlier today, Sources from Al-Azhar University in Cairo told Youm7 that the same law has been overturned. The academic year, which starts around mid-September in Egypt, has been postponed in Al-Azhar University to October 5th in order to assess the political situation, particularly the “right-wing” students who might exploit the overturn of the judicial police law.

The Universities of Cairo, Port Said, Banha, and Sohag had already overturned the law.

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