Journalists’ Syndicate drafted constitution amendments to media articles
Diaa Rashwan

CAIRO: Yesterday the Journalists Syndicate chairman and representative of the 50-member constitution committee Dr. Diaa Rashwan held a meeting with the council to discuss the final amendments to the constitutional articles concerning media in Egypt.

According to the Deputy Head of the Syndicate Gamal Abdel Rehem, the Journalists’ council discussed the articles on freedom of the press, printing and publication and on the independency of the media.

In addition to it, it decided to ban the closure or confiscation of any media outlets, unless of any specific court order, and to ban any media restrictions, except for war time and civil mobilization. It guaranteed the freedom of publishing and owning any newspapers.

The council added a new article to the constitution that, according to Rehem, will “involve the formation of a new independent Supreme Council of Journalism and Media and an independent National Press Council.”

According to the new amendments, Egyptian media players will have the right to own visual and digital media devices, as long as they abide by the law.

“The 50-member constitution committee agreed up to a 90% of the suggested amendments, including the one regarding the prohibition of imprisoning journalists for their written work,” said Khaled el-Balshy, a member of the Journalists’ Syndicate, to Youm7.

In these regards, “The council appointed one of its members to follow up the cases of those journalists who are still detained,” added Balshy.

The council has been verifying if four new Egyptian newspapers Al-Watan, Al-Rahma and Al-Fath, Amwal Al-Ghad are suitable to be registered in the syndicate. It also urged Al-Tahrir to take back two employees under contract, after a complaint was filed.




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