Leaked audio reveals former MOI al-Adly’s opinion on Brotherhood ousting
former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly - YOUM7 (Archive)

After the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood regime and the former President Mohamed Morsi, Habib al-Adly, minister of interior under the Mubarak regime, said in leaked audio recordings obtained by Youm7 that following June 30 “God intended good for the country, as the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted.”

In these leaked audio recordings Adly stated that the behavior of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters has revealed the violent nature of the Brotherhood. He said that incidents such as throwing teenagers off roofs in Alexandria pushed people to protest against them.

The former Minister of Interior added that Brotherhood members “have a culture of obedience; they cannot refuse orders from their leaders. It is common knowledge amongst all the young members that the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood are constantly seeking to obtain power at the national level.”

Adly also commented on various issues Egypt faced during the one-year rule of Mohamed Morsi, saying that “the Brotherhood smuggled 40 to 50 percent of gasoline outside the Egyptian borders to Gaza, which caused many problems and affected services in the country.”

Adly said during the recording that it is strange for senior members of Brotherhood, who are “decent” professionals like doctors, professors and engineers, to support the Brotherhood ideology, and it is strange for all the supporters to keep attacking police and army forces, while the people continue to protest against them.


Translated from Youm7

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