Italian ambassador gives condolences for Kerdasa deaths
Interior Minister Mohamad Ibrahim

CAIRO: Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim met with Italian Ambassador Maurizio Massari in the ministry on Saturday, where they discussed the current security situation as well as government operations against “terrorism.”

The Italian ambassador expressed condolences for the death of General Nabil Farag, who was killed in a security crackdown in Kerdasa, and stressed his government’s condemnation of all forms of terrorism, according to a statement from the interior ministry.

In addition, he supported security campaign adopted by the Interior Ministry that led to a notable improvement in Egypt’s security situation.

Ibrahim said his ministry would resume its efforts to eliminate all criminal hotbeds and arrest the criminal elements. He stressed that “terrorism” poses a serious threat against not only Egypt but also other countries in the region, Europe and the West in general.

Translated from Youm

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