18th century solar sundial to be shown in the Museum of Islamic Art
Museum of Islamic Art - YOUM7 (Archive)

 CAIRO: An 18th century marble sundial will be moved from Sinan mosque in Boulaq Abul-Ela to be displayed at the Museum of Islamic Art in Bab El Khalq, at the request of the permanent committee for Islamic and Coptic monuments.

The decision to move the sundial intends to preserve it from climatic influences like erosion and provide a chance for museum visitors to see new pieces, said Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim in a press conference on Sunday, Sept. 22.

Ibrahim added that putting new antiquities on display in various Egyptian museums is the next step in encouraging tourists to comeback to Egypt.

The sundial, which dates back to 18th century, had an important role in determining the times of the “adhan,” the Islamic call to prayer, explained Dr. Mustafa Amin, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities.




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