Gamaa Islamiyya denies involvement Dalga violence
By: Youm7

Dalga, Minya: Gamaa Islamiyya has denied its involvement in the latest incidents of sectarian violence in Dalga, Minya, or any other act of violence that has occurred in the city, refusing the accusations of the former head of security of Minya.

“Since January 2011, Gamaa Islamiyya has been playing an intermediary role to conciliate between major Minya families and end bloody revengeful conflicts,” the group said in an official statement issued on Sunday.

It also said that Assem Abdul Maged, the Muslim Brotherhood leader, has not been in Minya for the past two months and is therefore not responsible for these incidents.

Several churches and homes of Christians were burnt, looted or destroyed across the country following the forced dispersal of the pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins in Rabaa and Nahda Squares in mid-August.

Security forces have so far arrested 20 people accused of burning churches as well as the Dalga police station.


Translated from Youm7


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