35 arrested in Minya for attacks on public property
By: Youm7

MINYA, Egypt: 35 were arrested on Monday on charges of storming police stations, churches and public facilities in the Minya governorate, state-run Middle East News Agency (MENA) reported.


The attacks followed the forced dispersal of pro-Mohamed Morsi sit-ins on August 14 by security forces.


According to MENA, four of the suspects are charged with storming the Adwa police station, two are accused of attacking the police station in the Matay village, and five are charged over the attack on the Bani Mazar police station.


Six suspects were also detained and are accused of storming the Malawy police station on August 16, killing two police officers and injuring 11 security recruits.


Police detained three for breaking into the Hawaslya police station and setting it ablaze and four accused of raiding the Der Mawas police station on August 28, reported MENA.

Egyptian security forces have cracked down in the governorate of Minya since they raided the village of Dalga last week. The village, which has a sizeable Christian minority, was held for almost two months by armed militants who opposed the military ouster of Mohamed Morsi.


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