Alaan Channel reports Syrian suffering
a camp

CAIRO: Alaan TV Channel recently covered the struggle of Syrian refugees along the Turkish-Syrian border who escaped from the on-going civil war that has claimed thousands of lives.


The report relayed the pain of thousands of refugees overcrowding the area near the borders, where the reporter, Ammar Tawfik, said many displaced Syrian families, who were unable to relocate to one of the relief camps at the borders, are forced to survive in the desert.


Tawfik spoke to a Syrian woman, referred to as Oum Ahmed, or Ahmed’s mother, near Atma Camp, using a tree trunk as a shelter for her and her two-year-old child, who said that she receives one meal a day from the camp, located two kilometers away from where she is.


“I escaped from Aleppo after the intensified bombing because living there became impossible. My husband is a fighter in the Syrian free army and I haven’t seen him since four months. Here, there isn’t any food, drink, electricity or anything,” she added.


Alaan’s reporter added that this woman was not the only case, but that there are several homeless women waiting to move into a tent inside the relief camps.

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