NSF meeting will decide whether to disband or continue
El-Sayyed el-Badawy, The head of Wafd Party - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: National Salvation Front (NSF) will hold an urgent meeting on Sunday as response to el-Sayed el-Badawy’s call to discussing the front’s fate in the future and the possibility of continuing its work.

NSF was founded on Nov. 24, 2012 during rule of ousted President Mohamed Morsi against his oppression. The front was formed by many political factions and parties from the opposition, following Morsi’s issuance of the constitutional declaration that caused controversy.

According to NSF informed sources, all party heads started electoral alliances and are suspending their activities because they claim that their work was done by the June 30 Demonstrations.

The sources told Youm7 that NSF became disjointed from the inside, since most of the recent meetings did not reach a solution for their crisis.

Wafd Party leader Yasser Hassan told Youm7 that during the meeting, several political topics will be discussed as well as an electoral system for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The front will split up if the individual electoral system was implied for the parliamentary elections, Hassan said.

Free Egyptians Secretary General and NSF leader Mahmoud al-Alaily told Youm7 that the meeting will reform NSF’s political role during the upcoming phase and a voting process will take place to determine their fate.

Alaily said the electoral system will not affect the front since the alliance was not for electoral reasons but the political scene in general.

Egyptian Social Democratic Party Secretary General Ahmed Fawzy told Youm7 that they did not receive the meeting’s agenda yet but that they are committed to agreeing with NSF’s decision.

Fawzy said the Social Democratic Party is only occupied by the Parliamentary Elections Law that must be decided on as soon as possible.

Originally published in Youm7.

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