Nile Basin countries demand headwaters centers
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CAIRO: Participants in the second forum of the Nile Basin countries, organized by the Ministry of Youth in Cairo, stressed the necessity of establishing a center for headwaters of the Nile Basin with branches in the eleven countries of the Basin.

Nader Nour-Addin, soil and water resources professor in the Faculty of Agriculture at Cairo University, praised the idea of the centers. He added that there should be a dedicated minister of water resources for the Nile Basin.

He added that there ought to be better unity and cooperation among Nile Basin countries, especially regarding the development of ports and electricity.

Mr. Taher, head of Eretria delegation, said that countries should be helping each other instead of fighting with each other, especially in the exporting field.

Dr. Roy, from the Kenyan delegation, confirmed that cooperation is needed especially in business fields. He explained that his country supports the Nile Basin countries.

Nour-Addin said that Egypt has been supporting the Nile Basin countries by, for example, establishing a pipes factory in Addis Ababa in 1995 and raising investments in Ethiopia. He said that the first decision he took when he was the advisor of the Ministry of Supply was to import Kenyan tea. Later coffee and cocoa were imported.

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