Gamal Mubarak
Gamal Mubarak

Arabic: جمال مبارك

Born: Dec. 27, 1963

Politician, son of former President

Gamal Mubarak is the younger of two sons of deposed Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Gamal is a graduate of the American University in Cairo and spent time working as a banker in London before becoming involved in Egyptian politics in 2000.

 Some commentators and analysts have suggested Gamal’s behavior in Egyptian politics was one of the factors that sparked Egypt’s January 25 Revolution.

 Before the revolution, many analysts expected Gamal to inherit Egypt’s presidency from his father, similar to the ascent of Bashar al-Assad to power in Syria in 2000.

 Gamal Mubarak is viewed by most Egyptians as one of the main symbols of corruption in the former regime, especially as he opened the door for businessmen to play a greater role in politics by appointing members of his circle to prominent positions in the National Democratic Party or as ministers.

 According to press reports, his elder brother, Alaa, clashed with Gamal in their last day in the Presidential Palace, accusing Gamal of tarnishing their father’s image, removing his glorious history and humiliating him.

 Gamal is now under investigation for corruption, embezzlement of public funds, and killing protesters during the revolution. He is currently imprisoned in Tora Prison along with many other members of the former regime pending investigations and trial.

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