The 100 years old German Library in Tahrir is threatened by permanent closure
German Library in Cairo

Due to the security situation in Egypt, the 100 year old German Library in Cairo’s Tahrir Square may close its doors permanently.


It is one of the oldest libraries in Cairo, according to a press statement made on Tuesday, Sept. 24 by its current owner Edward Lampelet, a Swiss national, who added “I would not rule out the closure of the library.”


The German Library is considered as vital source of international books in Egypt and it was originally established to sell pictures taken by one its founders, German photographer Rudolph Frantz Lenard. His adopted son, however, gradually transformed it into a library after World War II.


The library used to have branch in the Egyptian Museum, which included various books in different fields such as literature, tourism guides, and even cookbooks. Most of the books at the current library are in German, but there are also books in English and French.


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