Lawyers’ Syndicate (aka Bar Association)
Lawyers’ Syndicate headquarter in Cairo - YOUM7 (Archive)

Arabic: نقابة المحامين في جمهورية مصر العربية

Established 1912

The Bar Association of Egypt, commonly known as the Lawyers’ Syndicate, was founded on December 19, 1912 in Cairo. It is an independent professional association of lawyers and law professionals. It is considered the largest law association in the Arab world.

The syndicate includes a general assembly and a council for practicing its activities and sub-syndicates across the country. It is a member of Union of Arab Lawyers (UAL).

The association’s activities and duties include:

1-      Organize and  guarantee  practicing of law;

2-      Defend citizens’ rights and provide judicial help to those who are incapable to defend themselves or pay for their defense;

3-      Take care of members’ interests and encourage them to cooperate and be neutral in their job performance;

4-      Encourage legal projects and the study of Sharia (Islamic law);

5-      Cooperate with Arab and African lawyers’ syndicates to serve and achieve national goals for supporting freedom, peace, development issues.

Along with the Press Syndicate, the Lawyers’ Syndicate has often been the location of demonstrations and protests against corruption, the actions of the former regime, and the former regime itself.

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