Judges’ Club
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Arabic: نادى القضاة

Established: 1939

Chairman: Ahmed al-Zand.

The Egyptian Judges’ Club was founded by 59 judges and prosecutors in 1939. It is a non-profit judiciary organization. The club was established with the aim of creating an independent judiciary.

Four years after its creation, the judges issued the first legal provision of judiciary independence.

The club has offices across the country. It has a general assembly and its board consists of 15 members: 5 from the courts of cassation and appeals, 5 from the courts of first instance, and 5 prosecutors. Each is elected for three years.

The club also has several committees involved in various activities of the club. Working in the committees is voluntary. There is no salary and membership is elective.

The Judge’s Club opposed the regime of former president Hosni Mubarak. During his regime the club created a movement called, ‘Independence for Judges from the State Security Prosecution,’ with the goal of being efficient and just in issuing decisions. The move came following a decision to cancel judiciary monitoring of elections according to Article 88 of the 1971 Constitution.

In 2006 the club caused a stir when judges took to the streets and marched against the government.

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