Azhari incited people to storm Giza Governorate
Former Minister of Manpower Khaled al-Azhari - Youm7/archive

 CAIRO- Former Minister of Manpower and ImmigrationKhaled al-Azhariwas further investigated for inciting the riots in the Giza Governorate, after being previously arrested for facilitating Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohammed Beltagy’s escape, according to the Giza police.

The investigations revealed that Azhari was behind setting on fire and storming the Giza Governorate bureau and Talebeya Garage and repeatedly trying to break into theTalbeya police station in Omraneya and al-Haram districts.

Azhariseems to have worked on behalf of the Freedom and Justice Party together with Gamal al-Ashry, a former member of the Parliament arrested for burning down the Omraneya police station.

According to the investigations, Azhari, Ashry and a number of Muslim Brotherhood leaders from Omraneya and Talbeya summoned their supporters and incited them to attack the state-run institutions after former President Mohamed Morsi’s deposal last Jul. 3.

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