Emera denies implementing Muslim Brotherhood’s Agenda
Shokry Abu Emera

CAIRO- The Head of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union Shokry Abu Emera denied implementing the Muslim Brotherhood’s political agenda during and after its rule.

Emera said to Youm7 to not be abreast of the two broadcasting units confiscated by the Muslim Brotherhood during the Rabaa sit-in last August.He knew there was only one broadcast unit operatingandhe found out only later that the Radio Broadcast engineer called for an additional one.

“This matter was verified in the Public Prosecution,” he stated.

Moreover, Emera refused the charges of applying the Brotherhood’s agenda during their government.

He said hepersonally rejected the Brotherhood’s plan to shut down private TV channels like CBS and ONTV before Jun. 30 mass protests but that some members of the Media Free Zone, which allocates or cancels the frequency to the TV channels, were affiliated to the party.

Emera is currently at the center of several controversies because of his position.

Many accuse him to be the right arm of the former Media Minister Salah Abdul Maksood, a Brotherhood’s supporter, and to enforce the Islamist group’s attempt to control the Egyptian media.

Some others believe that,by keeping him as the Head of the Egyptian Radio and Television Union, the Jun. 30 Revolution is being contradicted.


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