International press reaction on the dissolution of Muslim Brotherhood
By: Bahaa al-Tawel, YousefAyoub, IngyMagdy

The dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood organization by Cairo’s court raises different reactions in the international press.

“An Egyptian court on Monday issued the order of dissolving the Muslim Brotherhood and confiscating its assets, escalating the crackdown on the group less than three months from the deposal of its leader Mohamed Morsi,” says The New York Times.

The ruling by the Cairo Court for Urgent Matters amounts to a preliminary injunction that consists in shutting down the Brotherhood until a higher court issues a more permanent verdict. The leftist party al-Tagammu had sought a more immediate action, accusing the Brotherhood of “terrorism” and of exploiting the Islamic religion for political purposes. The court ordered the Brotherhood’s assets to be frozen until a final decision is to be taken.

“The court’s verdict reflects the ambitions of the new Egyptian leaders to go far beyond the arrests of top Brotherhood leaders and to strike a long-term, even mortal, blow to the group by hitting the pillars of its grassroots organization. Doing so could cripple the group’s political existence far in the future,” reports AP.

Christian Science Monitor posted that an”Egyptian court banned Muslim Brotherhood eliminating its criticized social services.”

“The group exists either with this ban or without,” says Times Magazine.“After Hosni Mubarak’s ousting the Brotherhood work openly, established an official headquarters, formed a political party for the first time, and eventually rose to power.Now the group will return to the darkness and it will become much weaker than before, after having lost so much of its popular consent.”

If upheld in later stages, the ruling would give the authorities the legal basis to target the Brotherhood’s network of businesses, schools, hospitals and charities that have been the core of its political power. It was in fact that network to provide the group with the financial aid,together with the basin for people’s recruitment and the grassroots support.

Explaining its verdict, the court said that since its founding, the Brotherhood group has used Islam as “a cover to activities that violate Islam itself and its rulings.” It said that while Morsi was in power, “Citizens lost their basic rights for social justice and security” and that, under its government, “Egyptians found only repression and injustice.” court explained in its verdict.

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