Egyptian Trade Union welcomes revision of minimum wages
By: Ashraf Azoz

CAIRO: The General Federation of Egyptian Trade Union (GFETU) is “pleased” with the cabinet’s recent decision of setting the minimum wage for public sector employees and workers at EGP 1,200, according to a statement on its website on September 18.

GFETU said that this is a “suitable” minimum wage for the present moment, particularly for fresh graduates.

Osama Abdel Latif, the head of the GFETU, called for an annual revision of the minimum wages in order to take into account the fluctuation of living costs and inflation rates.

Khalid Ali, a lawyer and former presidential candidate, demanded that the presidency also determine the maximum wage.

He explained, in a press statement on September 20, that the decision to determine the minimum wage, which was issued by the transitional government headed by Dr. Hazem al-Beblawy, is a “ruse,” adding that the minimum wage should be determined based on a gross salary, not a salary that includes bonuses.

Ali also criticized the National Wages Council for restricting its decision to the public sector only; pointing out that the private sector must also be included.


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