Public transit workers in Tanta continue strike
Public Transportation Workers in Tanta

MAHALLA, Egypt: Public transportation workers in Tanta, capital city of Gharbya governorate, Nile Delta, continued their strike for the third consecutive day on Wednesday, protesting delayed payments and poor maintenance of vehicles.

The striking workers are demanding payment of overdue salaries of July and August, as well as securing the required funds for repairing vehicles that broke down.

Employees parked their vehicles outside the main garage at Tanta’s Galaa Street, leading to a serious traffic jam in the city.

The workers’ syndicate said that 30 vehicles, out of 50, have stopped working completely, due to lack of money needed to fix malfunctions.

Gharbya governor Mohamed Na’eem promised representatives of the workers on Tuesday to give them their delayed salaries, but said that incentives would be postponed to later, when sufficient financial resources are available.

The employees turned down the offer saying they would continue their strike, until they receive their full salaries with incentives.


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