Students continue protests against ‘military coup’
Students continue protests against ‘military coup’

CAIRO: For the fifth consecutive day since the start of the school year, students supporting the Muslim Brotherhood are protesting the ‘rule of military coup’ in different campuses, which has led to clashes between the protesting students, their colleagues and security forces.

 At Ain Shams University the management instructed security guards to close all the gates, and not to let any stranger enter the faculty, in an attempt to control the protests.

 Brotherhood students at Zagazig University, Sharqia governorate, started a march to the headquarter building of the university to call for suspending study, chanting slogans against the police and army.

 The protesters clashed with other students, with knives and rocks reportedly being used in the clashes.

 Engineering students at Menoufia University in the Delta staged a protest against the police and the army, raising the four finger-sign which stands for the dispersal of the Brotherhood sit-in at Rabaa Al-Adaweya Square on August 14.

 Schools also witnessed protests; at Ain Shams High School in Fayoum, female students held a sit-in at the school yard and refused to enter classes, protesting an attack by security guards against a peaceful march for students earlier this week.

 For the fourth day, MB students of al-Farouq High School, Menoufia governorate, demonstrated in the school yard refusing to start school and demanding the release of a friend that had been detained at the dispersal of Rabaa sit-in.

 Essam el-Erian, the fugitive MB leader, has released a video through Al-Jazeera, appealing MB students and teachers to struggle against the ‘military coup’ and incited them, not to return to school until Morsi’s return.

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