Wafd Party will not nominate presidential candidate
El-Sayed Al-Badawi, Wafd Party chairman - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The Wafd Party, Egypt’s main liberal opposition, denied on Wednesday that it would present a presidential candidate for the upcoming elections.

In a press statement, the party’s chief of information Yasser Hassan said that recent publications claiming they would nominate a candidate for the presidential election were “just allegations.”

Hassan said that the party would not nominate a candidate for the presidency, stating that the party’s “vision is not to contest the presidential election.”

Instead, Hassan said, the party would “focus on the upcoming parliamentary elections” in order to gain enough seats to “actively participate in the next government.”

This focus could ensure the party’s representation, he added, given that the 50-member constitutional committee “is heading to a mixed parliamentary and presidential system for the state.”


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