Ezbet al-Nakhel collapsed bridge results in one death and two injuries
Ezbet al-Nakhel collapsed bridge - YOUM7/Mahmoud Hefnawy

CAIRO: The collapse of the Ezbet al-Nakhel Bridge in El-Marg neighborhood in Cairo resulted in one death and 2 injuries on Tuesday morning.

A fire broke out in the huts down Ezbt al-Nakhel Bridge, which led to the collapse of parts of the bridge. One employee of the Civil Protection Authority died, a policemen and a citizen got injured, as they were under the bridge working to control the fire.

Civil protection forces and a rescue team are continuing their efforts to raise the ruins of the collapsed bridge, as there might be more casualties below the ruins.

One of the hut residents, Ahmed Abdul Tawab, said that at 3 a.m. the fire broke out under the bridge and that he immediately rescued his neighbors in the rest of the huts.

He added that he informed the firemen, but that the ambulances and fire trucks came an hour late. The bridge collapsed on the civil protection forces; one body was extracted from the ruin, while rescuers are still searching for possible other casualties.

A number of firemen moved to the place as well as eight ambulance vehicles, according to sources. Deputy head of the Civil Protection Authority said that 15 fire trucks were provided.

Security authorities attempted to stop traffic at the other side of the bridge, where cars were still driving, risking further collapses.

Head of the Egyptian Metro Company Abdul Allah Fawzy told Youm7 that metro movement on the first line in Cairo to Ezbet el-Nakhl largely resumed.

He said that the movement was suspended in Old and New El-Marg stations to protect the lives of passengers, as a result of the collapsed bridge.

Fawzy added that a single train is operated from Ezbet el-Nakhl to Matareyya while the movement is normal from Matareyya to Helwan, explaining that movement between Matareyya to Ezbet el-Nakhl was operated on one track in an attempt to serve the passengers at Ezbet el-Nakhl and Ain Shams metro stations.

Reporting by Azouz al-Deeb, Islam Gamal, Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, Abdel Rahman Sayed and Reda Hebeshy.

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