Navy Yard’s Shooter Thought To Be Controlled By Radio Waves
Aaron Alexis

Navy Yard’s shooter Aaron Alexis believed to becontrolled by electromagnetic waves in the months before he murdered 12 people in the Washington base, an FBI official said on Wednesday.

“We found relevant informationin hiselectronic devicesshowingthe delusional belief that he was being influenced by extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves in the past three months,” FBI assistant director in the Washington office Valerie Parlave said.

Alexis, a 34-year-old government technology contractor, acted alone and was shot dead by the police on the third floor of the Yard’s Naval Sea Systems Command headquarters in Washington, after exchanging fire with the officers for an hour.

The question of how Alexis got security clearance to enter the base prompted calls for a more accurate vetting of the private contractors from the government.

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