Counselor Jebali: parliamentary labor quota should be kept
Tahani al-Jebali

CAIRO: Former Head of the Supreme Constitutional Court Tahani al-Jebali called Thursday for keeping the 50-percent parliamentary quota allocated for the farmers and labors for a transitional period.

Jebali made her comments in a speech at the conference ‘Working Women and the Constitution,’ held on Thursday at the headquarters of the Federation of Egyptian Trade Unions in Cairo.

She demanded the Egyptian authorities allow farmers and workers to establish a political party to pave the way for participation in the political life .

Jebali said that Egypt’s former President Gamal Abdel Nasser did not allocate this quota for the farmers and labors as a gift, but to ensure the representation of the different popular powers.

 She called upon the Federation of Egyptians Trade Unions to confront any attempts aiming to deprive the labors from this percentage. She added that the labors should protect themselves through keeping their unity.

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