Security forces to storm El-Halal mountain in Sinai
Egyptian Army in Sinai - YOUM7 (Archive)


SINAI, Egypt: Security forces are preparing for an intensive campaign to storm into El-Halal Mountain to track down armed militants, according to security sources.

Residents of El-Halal Mountain stressed that their region is clear from terrorists and outlaws, and that they are in control of the entire area and will not allow armed groups to be there.

The campaign coincides with a series of violent incidents the Sinai faced this week.

On Tuesday, security forces destroyed 14 houses and 13 shacks in an intensive operation at Al-Mahdia village near to Israeli border.

Eyewitnesses from Al-Mahdia claimed that some of the destroyed houses belong to Sheikh Ibrahim El-Maneae, the head of the Sinai tribes union.

Security officials declared to Youm7 that they continue pursuing armed militants and accused them of incitement to violence.

The directorate of security in North Sinai announced in a press statement that, “security forces captured a number of militants in the whole province, including one of the people who attacked ‘Beir el-Abd’ police station.”

The 2,000 meter high El-Halal Mountain is of special interest to security forces, since it is located near the border between Egypt and Israel.

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