Sabbahi campaigns on freedom, social justice, dignity
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7/Osama Mohamed

CAIRO: The political party Popular Current published on Monday the presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s platform, which focuses on three main topics: freedom protected by a democratic government, social justice achieved by comprehensive development, and dignity protected by national independence.

For domestic issues, the platform focuses on national security, especially reforming the security service; decentralization of power; the efficacy of state institutions; and countering corruption, said the current in a press statements posted on its official Facebook page. The platform would also tackle issues concerning civil society, Al-Azhar, the judiciary authority, media, culture, and arts.

The platform’s second theme highlights social and economic rights; redistribution of the population; major national projects; development of industry, agriculture, energy and technological research; and the development of tourism services, transportation, education, medical services. Development of Sinai, Nuba, Suez Canal, Wadi Gedid, and the northern coast is also included in the platform, the statement added.

Regarding foreign policy, the platform would emphasize the significance of rebuilding relations with the Nile Basin countries and the development of the African continent. Foreign policy would also tackle relations with Asian and European states.

Popular Current’s campaign for Sabbahi also called for a march on Feb. 20 to back him in the upcoming presidential elections, said campaign spokesperson Amali Ahmed to Youm7.

“We are still in all of Egypt’s squares collecting signatures of people to support Sabahi in the upcoming presidential elections. Hamdeen is the symbol of the revolution. We will exert our best efforts to make him win,” he added.

Originally published in Youm7. 

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