Security agencies launch raid to demolish informal housing in El-Marg
Security agencies demolish informal housing near the Al-Sheikh Mansour bridge - YOUM7/Khaled Baiomi

 CAIRO: Security agencies launched on Tuesday a security raid on informal housing near the Al-Sheikh Mansour bridge, which connects El-Marg to Ain Shams and partially collapsed on Feb. 11, according to a statement.

 The raid came as a precautionary procedure to prevent the same accident from occurring and causing casualties to residents who live under the bridge.

 The security agencies deployed central security forces, armored vehicles and public buses in order to transport the residents to other housing units, along with using vehicles and cranes to remove the rubbles.

 Security forces arrested residents who refused to leave their houses.

 About 250 families complained about not receiving housing units, saying they did not know where to live after the removal of their informal homes. A number of residents rejected the demolishment because they are not listed to receive housing units from the government.

 The dispute resulted in verbal conflicts between residents and security forces. Officers said the demolishing decision came from Cairo Governor Galal Al-Said.

 Originally published in Youm7.

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