Vikings to invade British museum for image makeover
British museum

LONDON: The British Museum is about to trash the popular stereotype of the horn-helmeted Viking marauder, with a thorough look at the warrior society that left its mark across parts of the world.

“Vikings: life and legend” is the first major UK exhibition in 30 years to explore the impact of the sea-going Scandinavians who pillaged, traded and travelled from the Arctic circle to North America in the 8th to the early 11th centuries.

The March-June 2014 show will transform the image of the bloodthirsty raider – taken from accounts of their victims – to a more rounded picture of a warrior people who were also great traders, mariners and artisans.

“They may be thugs, but they’re thinking thugs,” British Museum Director Neil MacGregor told Reuters, saying that new archaeological discoveries and scientific advances had increased understanding of the Viking appetite for war, but also trade, shipbuilding, craftwork, culture and empire-building.

Exhibition curator Gareth Williams said the show would re-examine Viking identity, their global trading network, magic, religion and the role of the warrior in Viking society.

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