Toronto festival celebrates Palestinian films
Toronto festival
By the Cairo Post

CAIRO:  The Toronto Palestine Film Festival, held from September 28 to October 4, will screen numerous films that cover past struggles and present adversity faced by Palestinians.

The festival begins with a screening of Anne Marie Jasir’s film When I Saw You. Jasir’s award-winning film addresses the issue of Palestinian refugees in Jordan in 1967. The film follows 12-year old Tarek and his mother’s experiences in a refugee camp in Jerash, Jordan, as a part of a new wave of refugees.

Other films to be screened include Bassam Chekhes’ Waiting for P.O. Box which examines the arduous nature of filmmaking in the Middle East as well as Nahed Awwad’s documentary Gaza Calling, which tackles the arbitrary separation of Palestinians living in Israel.

The film festival was founded in 2008 on the 60th anniversary of Al-Nakba and is run entirely by volunteers with the aim of bringing Palestinian culture and art to a Canadian audience.

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