Egyptians smoked 82.1 billion cigarettes during Morsi’s rule
By Iman Adel


CAIRO: The Eastern Company for Tobacco revealed that cigarettes production increased more than expected during former President Mohamed Morsi rule, according to a report by the central auditing agency.

Total production by the company of local, foreign and exported cigarettes reached 82.1 billion versus 77 billion produced last year, while the estimated production plan was 81.8 billion cigarettes.

The production of Mu’assel, water-pipe tobacco, reached 17356 tons versus 17009 tons from last year, while 16500 tons was the estimated production plan.

The company’s total production reached nearly 18937 million EGP, versus 17745.5 million EGP last year, while 19702.4 million EGP was the projected profits.

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