Back to school: buyers and sellers struggle with high prices

CAIRO: As the first day at school came to an end on Sunday, parents headed to Souq el-Faggala, el-Faggala Market, to purchase the school supplies that teachers requested from students.

As Faggala is known as a popular market that sells school supplies and stationary at a cheaper price, parents and sellers both complained at the sight of high prices this year.

Mrs. Faiza, a mother of two, explained she was shocked by the price increase this year. She added that thus far, she spent approximately 300 EGP on her children’s school supplies and she is still not done with her shopping.

Suppliers as well have been struggling to keep up with market prices and have been compelled to sell at higher prices to make a profit.

“Plastic covers for notebooks cost 15 EGP last year, this year costs 20 EGP. Also, notebook stickers went up from 10 to 16 EGP,” said Mohamed Hassan, a seasonal supplier at Faggala.

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