Hostile U.S. approach towards Egypt strengthens relations with Russia: Expert
Russian political expert Leonid Isayev - YOUM7

CAIRO: Russian political expert Leonid Isayev praised the recent steps taken to push relations between Egypt and Russia forward, especially in military and technical fields, adding that such steps could pave the way for the restoration of the Gamal Abdul Nasser era alliance that existed between the two countries.

The Russian expert told Youm7 Thursday that Egyptians believed that the U.S. was involved in attempts to destabilize Egypt, and blamed the lack of confidence Egyptians have for the U.S, on the American approach towards Egyptian politics.

He added that Egypt’s Minister of Defense Abdel Fatah al-Sisi tried to strengthen Egypt’s relations with Russia, due to the historic relations between the two countries and because it was difficult for the marshal to find other strategic partners.

Isayev claimed that Egyptians still remember the strategic alliance between the two countries, and said the Soviet Union had provided support for the building of the Aswan High Dam and the establishment of the Helwan Iron and Steel Factory.

He said Moscow expressed support for Egypt and other Arab countries during the Arab Spring, adding that the people of the Arab world appreciate Russia’s role in solving Middle East crises and view the Kremlin as their defender against foreign interference.

He said Russia and Egypt share the same vision towards the Syrian crisis, and claimed the two countries could perform a major role to end the current crises in Syria and Libya.

Isayev predicted that relations between the two countries would not be limited to military cooperation, and would extend to cultural cooperation during the coming period.

Originally published in Youm7.

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