Hejazi’s CNN Interview reflects Egypt’s current events
Mustafa Hegazy - YOUM7(Archive)
By Hany Othman


Cairo:  Egypt’s Revolutionary Youth Union spokesman Tamer al-Kady described t president’s advisor for political and strategic affairs Mostafa Hejazy, recent interview with CNN on Friday, as “Logical and well arranged”, pointing out  that Hegazy described what is going on in Egypt political scene in brief points.

” Solid political stances of Defense Minister General Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and president’s advisor  Mostafa Hegazy and their great backing for Jan 25th, June 30th popular uprisings  led to  obvious turn over International stances towards Egypt, especially the U.S. stance, which was supporting Muslim Brotherhood before” revolutionary youth union spokesmen told “youm7″.

“Muslim Brotherhood foreign conspiracies flopped when faced with the Egyptians will and stances, which were represented by Sisi, Hejazy’s solid, powerful political stances” al-Kady explained to Youm7.

“Exceptional laws during this time won’t be a base and won’t last for long time, everyone realized that this is against the revolution’s principles, but this for abnormal condition which is Muslim Brotherhood’s violence menacing Egyptians lives” revolutionary youth union spokesman added.


Revolt youth union spokesman stressed that Hejazy was diplomatic, tact in his response to Tunisian president Monsif El-Marzouki’s words that he said infront of UN General assembly where he urged Egyptian authorities to release toppled president Mohamed Morsi and Islamist detainees , also pointed  out that Hejazi’s words  regarding roadmap were clear and in chronological order, which  affirmed that the roadmap will be implemented on time without any delay.

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