Tahrir’s preacher calls for imprisonment of  former mufti attackers
Tahrir’s preacher

CAIRO: Goma’a Mohamed Ali, a member of the Azharioun Front for the Civil State, called for imprisoning students affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood who attacked former Mufti Ali Gomaa on Sunday.

Ali said the former mufti is one of the great figures of Al-Azhar, adding that he enjoys the respect of the Egyptian people.

Sheikh Ali described Egypt’s Minister of Defense Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi as a “living martyr” during Friday’s sermon in Tahrir Square. He added that the military leader would be sentenced to death if the June 30 Revolution failed.

The preacher, known as Tahrir’s preacher, called on the government to restore the rights of the martyrs and injured people. He stressed that the Egyptian people will not give up seeking retribution against those who killed Egyptians during the revolution.

Sheikh Ali  continued, stating that the members of the Brotherhood are not martyrs, as they used weapons against the military and security forces. He stressed that the revolutionaries expressed a desire to change the constitution drafted by the Brotherhood in 2012, not to amend it.

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