I am afraid of this ‘Future Road Map’

I am afraid of ‘the future road map’ because there are so many hidden maneuvers and tricks in it.  Personal ambitions dominate the authorities’ conduct and none seem to be learning the lesson of the Brotherhood’s ousting.

The future road map won’t succeed through improvisation and a lack of organization. It requires deliberate plans and well-thought-out actions.

The constitution will be the first test. A downturn could follow, if people didn’t agree upon it, and in my opinion people won’t, unless they share the same national enthusiasm and realize that achieving accord is a matter of life or death for Egypt’s future.

The future road map won’t succeed as long as Egypt lacks a political party with ramifications in all 4,500 Egyptian villages and strong ties with the inhabitants of the poor and marginalized regions. The Brotherhood had its chance and took advantage of it both by using fake propaganda and by handing over “bottles of oil and bags of sugar.”

I don’t trust the partisan coalition of the National Salvation Front as its past experience indicates that its political factions won’t agree with each other. Even if they do, their presence on the streets has no remarkable weight.

If the next parliament gets an Islamic majority, the president will be stripped of his authority and power.

I believe that the General of the Armed Forces Abdel Fattah el-Sisi is the only one who can be president of Egypt today. He is the real leader of June 30 Revolution and he is very popular. Egyptians trust him and he is managing the second transition period, after the one following Mubarak’s ousting, very wisely.

Translated from the original Arabic.

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