Pope Tawadros II: Egypt was “almost lost”
Pope Tawadros II - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt was “almost lost” during the Muslim Brotherhood’s rule before former President Mohamed Morsi’s ousting, said Pope Tawadros II, head the of the Coptic Christian church, on CBC yesterday.


“General Sisi’s speech to oust Morsi was written unanimously,” said Pope Tawadros, adding that “Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed el-Tayeb reviewed it linguistically.”


The Pope explained that the postponement of this week’s sermon was due to “the curfew and the unstable conditions in the country,” not to threats he denied receiving.


The Pope expressed his optimism that Egypt will overcome this critical phase. “Egypt is like a woman in labor,” he said, “and everyone will be happy as the new baby arrives.”


Commenting on the June 30 “Revolution,” Tawadros stressed that “the Egyptian revolutionary movements were supported by the army and the police” and indicated that “the main reason for Morsi’s ousting was his lack of efficiency and the threat he represented for the Egyptian identity during his year of rule.”


The Pope also said that “military and police forces are part of the Egyptian population,” and assured that they are doing their best to protect the country avoiding any discrimination.



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