MB members clash with local residents at Qena’s main mosque
El-Sayed Abdel Reheem El-Qinawi mosque

QENA, Egypt: Clashes erupted Friday afternoon between members of the Muslim Brotherhood of and local residents at El-Sayed Abdel Reheem El-Qinawi mosque in Qena in Upper Egypt. Both sides exchanged hurling stones.

Members of the Brotherhood marched after Friday prayers form al-Shawn neighborhood and headed to the mosque to stage protests.

The protesters chanted anti-military slogans upon arrival, and tried to write it down on the walls of the mosque.

When residents of the adjacent area tried to prevent them from writing slogans on the mosque, both sides clashed. Passersby interfered to stop the clashes.

Brotherhood members stage weekly demonstrations to protest against the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi and the current military backed interim government.

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