Memoirs reveal Samy Anan proposed soft coup under Mubarak’s regime
Sami Anan - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:, Former Army Chief of Staff Samyi Anan said stated that he had proposed to the Fieldcalled on Marshal Egypt’s former Minister of Defense Mohamed Hussein Tantawi to forto organizeeing a soft military coup during the the January 25 Revolution, and to to forming a presidential council led by Tantawi to lead the country during the transitional period that followed Mubarak’s resignation.

Anan clarified that the proposal wanted to balance between maintaining the prestige of the presidencyaimed to achieve the demands of the people without violating the prestige of Egypt’s presidency. and achieving the demands of the people.

He added in his memoirs, which were published discussed by the Ashera Masa’an (10pm) 10th PM talk show program broadcasted by on Dream TV, that the soft coup is that groups of Egyptians stun forces, Paratroopers,and military police are Heading to Tahrir Square and Maspero to announce the coup and the formation of a presidential council. that he proposed sending special forces and military police to Tahrir Square and Maspiro, the Egyptian radio and television headquarters, in coincidence with announcing the soft coup against Mubarak and the formation of the presidential council.

He said Tantawiy refused to discuss the proposal. Anan said:” Field Marshal Tantawi asked me: did you say these words to anyone? …So stop all this talk.”

It is important to mention that aA number of media platforms have previously announced that the former military leader decided to run for the upcoming presidential elections in Egypt. This matter raised a state of controversyhas been received controversially  among Egyptians, as many Egyptians view Anan as one of the pillars of Mubarak’s regime.

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