Free Egyptians Party criticizes extremist approach of Nour Party
Free Egyptians Party spokesperson Shehab Wagih - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Spokesperson of the Free Egyptians Party Shihab Wagih criticized the Nour Party’s representative’s refusal to stand in the Fifty-Member Committee  during a moment of silence to mourn the head of Farmers Syndicate Mohamed Abdel-Kader and General Nabil Farag.

He described such behavior as strange, stressing that the party should review its ideas.

Shehab added that the action reflects the intolerance of the Salafist party. He stressed that their approach contradicts with the spirit of Islam and Egypt’s civilization and identity.

In a press statement to Youm7, Shehab stressed that the Egyptian people do not accept such extremist actions, and that the Salafis oppose the FEP’s  moderate and tolerant approach. He expressed astonishment over the double-standards adopted by the Salafist party. He said that whilst they forbade protesting against a ruler during Mubarak’s regime, they changed their position after the January 25 Revolution and became involved in the political scene.

Representatives of Egypt’s Salafist trend adopted a number of controversial actions during the sessions of the first Constituent Committee that drafted 2012 constitution. They refused to stand during Egypt’s national anthem and to stand a moment of silence to mourn Pope Shenouda III after his death in March 2012.

Abdel Kader died in a car accident last week, and Maj. Gen. Fahmy was killed when he was caught in the crossfire between security forces and militants in Kerdasa.


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