Egypt expats demand quota in the parliament
Egypt expats demand quota in the parliament

CAIRO: Representatives of Egyptian expats on Monday called for establishing a new ministry concerned with expatriate affairs, in addition to requesting a quota for expats in parliament.


The demand came up during a hearing session for the Social Dialogue Committee of the 50-member Committee, tasked with amending the 2012 constitution.


They demanded allocating a certain number of seats in the parliament for their representatives, or providing a quota for the Egyptian expats in parliamentary elections.


Abdel-Aziz Darder, an Egyptian living in Belgium for the past 40  years, said, “We have been completely unable to provide anything to Egypt, due to the protocol which has severed our relationship with our country.”


Darder criticized the 2012 constitution’s clauses on Egyptian expats, describing them as “nonsense.” He stressed the importance of the rights of Egyptians abroad to run and vote in parliamentary elections.


He stated that as a dual citizen, he has the right to run in parliamentary elections and be a representative for the Egyptians abroad. He noted that the term “dual nationality” has become a stigma.


Tahani Aal-Bortoqali, another Egyptian expat, demanded a quota in parliament for Egyptians abroad, or the assignment of seats for representatives. She also demanded that expats have priority in Egyptian investments.


She added that there is a need to establish a ministry for the Egyptian expats that oversees their interests.

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