Rumor halts classes in ten schools in Giza
school in Giza

GIZA, Egypt: Classes were halted due to tensions caused by rumors of clashes and attacks on ten schools in Al Manawat village in Giza.


Rumors spread that Muslim Brotherhood members are attacking and burning schools, and that a young girl was killed in clashes between supporters and opponents of toppled President Mohamed Morsi, Youm7 reporters were told.


As a result the parents of schoolchildren went to ten schools to bring their children back and save them from their “impending death.”


On the second day of the school year on Sunday, at 11:00 am, the people were startled by a voice screaming “the schools are on fire.”


Horrified parents went directly to the schools, with some parents assaulting teachers to get their students out of the schools before the end of the school day.


Ilham Ahmed, a teacher in Tariq Ibn Ziyad Primary School, said that the parents who broke into the school to get their children out surprised her.


“At the beginning, I did not understand why they were doing that,” she said, adding that the parents were so angry and terrified that some of them tried to attack the teachers.


During Youm7’s tour of the ten schools, several witnesses confirmed that a woman spread this rumor at the market where people commonly buy their groceries each Sunday.


The woman screamed loudly that the schools are on fire. When the people heard that, they rushed towards schools screaming and repeating what the woman said without verifying her identity, witnesses said.

The manager of Wahdet al-Manawat Primary School, Abdallah el-Husseiny, said that after a regular school day, in which they delivered to the students their schoolbooks, the people attacked them, assaulting teachers, insulting them, and causing damage to the school building.


He added that he informed the Educational Administration and contacted the security forces in Abou Nomros area. El-Husseiny added that the school will continue with its regular timings.


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