Nawara Negm
Nawara Negm

Arabic:نوراة نجم   

Born: 1973

Human right activist, blogger, journalist

Nawara Negm is a human rights activist who raises awareness through journalism and, more recently, through Facebook, Twitter and online blogs.

Negm was an active participant in Egypt’s 2011 revolution. She was in the streets every day from January 25 and spent several nights in Tahrir Square with other demonstrators. Negm became a spokesperson for the revolution, reporting for Al-Jazeera and other media outlets.

Negm worked as a journalist for state-run newspaper Al-Ahram, then switched to Al-Ahram’s English edition. However, as the daughter of leftist Islamic thinkers Safinaz Kazem and Ahmed Fouad Negm, Negm found herself in conflict with the state paper.

Negm moved on to work for Al-Wafd and Al-Qahira newspapers and joined the Nile Television Network in 1997. She published her first book, Esh A’rrih (Nest on the Wind), a collection of articles, and was co-author to Ana Ontha (I’m Female). Both were published in 2009.

Negm has focused her writing through her blog, called Gabhet el Tahyess el Shaabeya (Popular Front of Sarcasm), as a means to escape censorship in the Egyptian media and raise awareness of events and news in Egypt.

When she spent her days in Tahrir Square during the demonstrations, she said she wasn’t blogging as much because she had “finally” found a place to speak her mind without censorship.

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