Numan Gomaa
Numan Gomaa

Arabic: نعمان جمعة

Born 1937

Former Chairman of al-Wafd Party

 Numan Gomaa was chairman of the Wafd Party from 2000 until 2006. He gained the position after his predecessor’s death, and left the party in 2006 after a conflict with fellow party member Mahmoud Abaza.

 Gomaa was the Wafd Party’s presidential candidate in the 2005 elections, the first multicandidate presidential elections in modern Egyptian history. He came in third place with around 3 percent of the vote, after incumbent Hosni Mubarak (who won by a landslide) and Ghad Party candidate Ayman Nour, who received 8-12 percent of the vote.

 Nour was formerly a member of the Wafd Party but left and formed the Ghad Party after a disagreement with Gomaa.

 Gomaa was instrumental in reviving the Wafd Party in 1984 after decades of suspension, and came to be considered one of the most prominent party member after Fouad Serag al-Din, the party’s historic leader.

 The party is formally known as the New Wafd Party after its revival, but is referred to simply as the Wafd party in colloquial usage.

 It is rumored that Gomaa locked himself in his office at the party headquarters after being removed from his position as head of the party, which came partly because of his poor performance in the 2005 presidential elections.

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