Journalists’ Syndicate
Press Syndicate headquarter - YOUM7 (Archive)

Arabic: نقابة الصحفيين

Established: 1941

Chairman: Salah Shehata

The Journalists’ Syndicate was established in 1941. It regulates everyone working in the field, and is the place journalists can submit complaints if they have a problem with the institution they work for.

The syndicate’s tasks include:

  • Providing training courses for journalists to improve their professional standards;
  • Protecting and supporting journalists against legal cases;
  • Providing financial aid to assist in buying and acquiring references and books;
  • Providing a healthcare program.

During the regime of former President Hosni Mubarak, there were many restrictions on the press and freedom of expression. The steps of the Journalists’ Syndicate and of the Lawyers’ Syndicate became common spots for demonstrations. Journalists organized several demonstrations to cancel sentences for publishing offences, information blackouts, and dismissals, in addition to detention by the State Security.

Many members of the syndicate were strong supporters of the January 25 Revolution which toppled the Mubarak regime.

The first call to establish a press syndicate in Egypt came in 1891. A number of newspaper owners founded a syndicate of journalists, but it did not last long due to the beginning of World War I.

Egypt was the first Arab country to have a journalist syndicate, and its first newspaper was published in French. The oldest Arabic newspaper in Egypt was Al-Waqae’a Al-Masreya, and it was founded in 1828.

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