Head of Azhar tunnel submits resignation as technical problems pile up
Cairo governor Galal Mostafa - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Ibrahim Samaha, head of the Azhar tunnel operation, resigned on Friday following a crisis that led to the closing of the tunnel on several occasions.

Cairo Governor Galal Mostafa Saeed accepted Samaha’s resignation. The tunnel of Azhar has been repeatedly closed over a power outage, causing large traffic jams, which forced the prosecution to start investigating Samaha.

The Azhar tunnel, which is located in a dynamic area connecting downtown Cairo to further districts such as Heliopolis, has been closed for several times in the past week. On Feb. 26, officials reported it was temporarily closed down to a technical problem with security cameras.

On Feb. 24, tunnel activity was halted due to a power shortage. Last December 390 workers at the tunnel launched a strike, stating that “the administrative competencies required to manage the tunnel lacked skilled technicians to face crises, accidents and disasters, and to control the electricity room in case of outage or sabotage.”

Originally published in Youm7.

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