HIV, hepatitis C treatment device inventor: I’ll try Bassem Youssef
Bassem Youssef mocks the devise invented to detect and cure HIV and hepatitis C - Photo courtesy of TV show El Bernameg

 CAIRO: The inventor of the device that allegedly detects and cures HIV and hepatitis C, Ibrahim Abdel Atty, commented on satirist Bassem Youssef’s sarcasm about the device during his TV show El Bernameg on Friday.

 Atty told Youm7 late Friday that he is seeking to try Youssef before military court and otherwise a civil court on Saturday morning.

 Youssef’s “false advertising” for the device was for other interests, Atty said. He challenged Youssef with 200 patients that have been cured and will bring them to court to prove his device’s validity.

 During the show, Youssef mocked the alleged military “breakthrough” device and displayed videos of the military presenting the device and other journalists’ comments on the device.

 Meanwhile, Shokri Badr, part of a research team to prepare for the application of the device, said that Atty is extremely angered by Youssef’s show and how he treated his device.

 Badr told Youm7 that presidential advisor Essam Heggy’s statement about the device helped Youssef during his show, claiming that Heggy does not understand anything about science or whatsoever.

 Planetary scientist and former NASA researcher Heggy had said earlier that the device was a scientific scandal for Egypt worldwide.

 Originally published in Youm7.

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