Journalists submit a complaint against the church
Coptic St. Mark Cathedral

CAIRO: A number of journalists from different newspapers and websites submitted a complaint to Egypt’s Press Syndicate against the security guards of the Coptic St. Mark Cathedral.

The journalists filed a complaint against the security guards for assaulting Youm7 reporters who were covering an attack by the guards on a woman who tried to shake hands with Pope Tawadros II, head of the Coptic Christian Church.

The journalists demanded that the syndicate take strict measures concerning the assault, and to interfere in order to protect the journalists’ dignity and to ensure their safety. They stressed the importance of contacting the Pope to request that he order the security personnel to respect the journalists and to help them perform their role during their coverage of different events.

They requested that the Church apologize for the violations committed against the journalists, and to express solidarity with them, whilst taking legal measures to protect the journalists’ dignity.

On Wednesday, security guards attacked Youm7 reporter Michael Fares and a photographer who was with him after Pope Tawdros’s weekly sermon. The reporters were covering a protest organized by Copts in the churchyard against His Grace Bishop Armeya in the cathedral. The security members attacked a woman attempting to shake hands with the patriarch.

The complaint also expressed fears that such incidents could become more dangerous, and threaten journalists’ lives, especially as some journalists have received threatening messages on Facebook.

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