Libyan ambassador threatens Egypt with escalation over diplomat
Ahmed Gaddaf el-Dam - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Libya will escalate the case of its diplomat Ahmed Gaddaf el-Dam if he does not return to the country, the Libyan Ambassador to Cairo Mohamed Fayez said in a talk show at Al-Youm Channel on Friday evening.

Fayez stated that Libya would recur to international judiciary to pressure Egypt to deliver Gaddaf el-Dam, saying Libya requested that from Egyptian authorities, as they are not entitled to look into his case in the first place.

The Cairo Criminal Court declared Gaddaf el-Dam, former coordinator for Egyptian-Libyan affairs at the Libyan Embassy in Cairo, innocent as he was accused of attempted murder of a police officer.

However, his defense lawyer had declared that Gaddaf el-Dam was not willing to return to Libya.

The lawyer explained by phone in the same talk show that his defendant is Egyptian considering the new constitution, which acknowledged that the Egyptian nationality may be granted to a person born to an Egyptian mother. Thus, Egyptian authorities cannot send him back to Libya, Al-Fagr news website reported on March 1.

Fayez’s words angered lawyer Khaled Abu Bakr, the other guest in the talk show, who refused any offensive allegations to the Egyptian judiciary system.

Originally published in Youm7.

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